About Sheila Zarekari

As a teenager, Sheila watched her parents lose their home in the aftermath of the Philippine revolution. Since then, home ownership has been an important goal and priority for her. By the age of 21, Sheila bought her first investment property and has been passionate ever since about real estate.

Sheila graduated from college at age 18 with a degree in Management Economics. After college, she pursued a career in Brand Marketing eventually heading consumer brands like Tide, Pampers & Ivory. Sheila is a seasoned international marketing & public relations executive with over 25 years experience and shines in the process of selling homes. She has led multi-million dollar campaigns and product launches and is at ease in fast paced environments, unconventional solutions and tough negotiations. An early advocate of social media and mobile marketing, Sheila has a clear mastery of how these new platforms and technology impact a sale.

Borrowing from 14 years of art school, Sheila has a sharp eye for design and is able to visually execute compelling marketing materials that complement the entire home selling experience.

Sheila & her family have lived in the Bay Area since 2001 and she loves to share her unique perspective on neighborhoods, schools and recreational opportunities that the area has to offer. Sheila and her husband are also long time restaurant proprietors in downtown Oakland and support various educational and philanthropic causes in that community. They have two sons, one is attending UCLA’s Dental Program and their youngest is in middle school, a budding YouTube filmmaker and avid Golden State Warriors fan.